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Every year students from different parts of the country come to Kota to prepare for various competitive exams leaving their home and parents behind. Often Kota is known as India’s capital for educational coaching, for preparation of IIT-JEE, NEET and other medical and engineering entrance examinations.

The happiness city initiative is aimed at making the environment of the city – happy, pleasant & joyful. Various programs will be launched under this initiative to cure the depression and stress of an individual.

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Our Mission

To make the environment of Kota City happier & friendly for students who come here. The initiative will also project Kota City as a “Happiness City” in India & other parts of the world. To bring back the happiness into the lives of all students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and spread happiness among people through an initiative ’HAPPINESS CITY’ starting from our own city KOTA and introduce it into other cities also. It aims at over all development and provides all assistance to the student for better well-being mentally and physically.

Behind this initiative

20 IITans & entrepreneurs have joined hands to make Happiness City initiative a reality. Aman Maheshwari, decided to start the campaign for coaching students and will be looking after the whole project Happiness City.


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Great Words for Kota City

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji mentioning spirit of kota
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji mentioning spirit of kota while addressing Loksabha on June 19, 2019
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    Nitin Vijay Sir sharing story of hard work
    Nitin Vijay Sir sharing story of hard work done by people of Kota

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